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Poseidon Control Management

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Poseidon Control Management

Poseidon Control Management is an intelligent energy service for the private and public sectors that is not only cost effective but cost observant.

Energy Procurement is often carried out by brokers whose interest in the energy purchased, finishes when the supply contract is signed. On the other hand, energy management uses best practice techniques to highlight wastage to create savings, but leaves the purchasing of energy to others. Finally manufacturers and installers/contractors involved in energy saving products work completely independently, pushing their own brands, regardless of whether they fit the purpose.

Poseidon acknowledges that all parties often work independently and so many opportunities for cost reduction are missed. Our approach integrates the three elements to enable you, not only to minimise your operational costs but create savings from energy efficiency programmes.

Poseidon Control Management
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Set up with the help of the Princes Trust and now actively supported by them, Poseidon Control Management's aim is to bridge the gap between the procurement of energy and effective energy management. Our approach integrates these elements to enable you to minimise your costs and maximise your usage.

See our page on the Prince's Trust Business Finder Poseidon Control Management Energy Waste & Utilities, Utility Provider Services.

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